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A New-Generation Veteran-Owned Business

We're the Balstads! We are both prior-service Active Duty military and we both grew up integrated in family farming. While Jack's family was heavily invested in crop growth, Miki's family specialized in cattle. For both of us, the ability to self-sustain is a greatly-appreciated way of life. It became evident to us that the past way of farming is no longer necessary or socially responsible. We are passionate about driving positive homesteading practices and we are inviting you along in our adventure. 


Miki has a Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Management with a focus in Energy and Sustainability to include water and food sustainability and integrated environmental systems. Because of this foundation, we have expert knowledge in how chemicals and processing impact the food we eat. Trust is our foundation. Not sales. Not marketing. Not commercialism.

Our chickens are raised humanely (some may argue they are spoiled). Our ducks have their own waterfall! Our food is grown on our acreage and processed in our kitchen. The lessons we learn we hope to convey to families across the world. Our goal is to educate and empower our customers to make safe, informed decisions regarding what they consume.

Yankee Acre owes its name to these strongly-held values. When living in the deep South, this forward-thinking drove friends and neighbors to affectionately refer to us as "The Yanks." It soon became apparent that if we labelled all of our products as "The Yankee Acre," our namesake at the time, everyone in our area would know exactly where the product came from. Keeping with tradition, and a little expansion, Yankee Acres continues to strive for sustainable food practices.


We have always respected the nature that provides our sustenance, but that appreciation only expanded with knowledge. We never use herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides on our property, pets, or food. We also do not use antibiotics, growth hormones, or water pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorus. 

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