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Shipping Policy

Consumable Eggs
» Eggs may appear dirty. This is because we do not wash eggs prior to shipping, but I will attempt to gently clean them. Purchase our flock-raising course to learn why our eggs are not washed!

» Immediately wash and refridgerate eggs.

Hatching eggs
» Hatching eggs will be no older than 3 days.  Each egg is turned 3 times a day and stored between 40-50 degrees.  
» Eggs are wrapped individually and nestled in newspaper within their box. The box is marked FRAGILE LIVE EMBRYOS.
»We ship via USPS in a flat rate box with $50 of insurance.  
»We do not guarantee hatch rate, but will refund broken embryos. We will also work with you if you have outstanding concerns.

Live Chicks

» Baby chicks will be shipped at approximately one day of age with a water source, on straw bedding, in a box marked FRAGILE LIVE BABY CHICKS with day and time of hatching, and purchaser's phone number.

» We ship via USPS Priority Mail Express. Orders should be delivered within 72 hours. 

» You MUST be available at any time during this 72 hour period.

» Immediately put the live chicks under a warmer with food and water (and electrolytes).

» Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories are subject to additional shipping costs.

Return & Exchange Policy

» We offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

» If an item arrives damaged, if possible, have the delivery driver note the damage to the package upon delivery. If you find that a product is damaged upon opening the package, please call us and we will help you resolve the problem.

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