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Customer Care

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that 100% of your baby chicks and consumable eggs will arrive as expected. 

Sex, Breed, and Color Guarantee

Currently, we do not offer a guaranteed on sex, breed, or color. As we are establishing our own heritage lines it will take time to develop specific genes. For that reason, we encourage you to place a hobby order and we will do our best to meet your wishes. However, if you are ever unsatisfied, please contact us!

On sex: some chicken breeds are more difficult to sex than others. We try our best to match your request with a 90% selection rate.

On breed and color: genetic management can be tricky. For example, breeding a blue to blue will result in 34% blue, 33% blue/black, and 33% splash offspring. While having all blue layers is fun, we encourage biodiversity and ask that you celebrate in that as well. Biodiverse chickens are healthy chickens!


As a veteran-owned company, we would love to provide you a discount. Please contact us for more details!


Privacy & Safety

Only authorized employees and representatives have access to your information. Your personal information and e-mail address are NOT sold and are only used for internal business communications. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments (please contact us)

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